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The Dumbest Decisions In The 'Star Wars' Franchise  

Jessica Bedewi
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As a film franchise, Star Wars is engaging, action-packed, and totally enthralling. That's probably why we're willing to overlook the fact that some of the decisions made over the course of the first two trilogies are pretty much the height of stupidity. The Jedi may be masters of the Force, but they're certainly not experts in the art of common sense.

Many of the battles the Jedi face could have been avoided with proper forethought or even a little bit of empathy. But of course, these dumb Star Wars characters think that they know best. Their hubris leads them to topple the Republic and spend decades upon decades struggling to take it back. Of course, the dumb decisions aren't limited to the Jedi. The Imperial troops display their fair share of stupidity. But as normal people, we're more apt to forgive them. The Jedi are supposed to be knowledgeable of a higher power - they should know better than to stubbornly stick to their decisions and then disappear when things don't go their way. 

For every egregious plot hole or stupid decision in Star Wars, however, there's a space battle or lightsaber fight that has us hooked all over again. We can forgive the lack of intelligence, but we certainly won't forget it. Take a look below at some of the most foolish decisions in the franchise, and decide for yourself if you think they're dumb.

The Jedi Council Never Investigates The Claims Of A Sith Running The Senate
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In Attack of the Clones, Count Dooku tells Obi-Wan Kenobi on Geonosis about a Sith Lord named Darth Sidious who secretly controls the Senate in an attempt to sway Obi-Wan to his side. Obi-Wan immediately discounts that information, claiming that the Jedi would have known. However, he passes on the message to the rest of the Jedi Council, who agree with this assessment that it is completely impossible. They claim that it's part of the dark side's attempt to create fear and mistrust. Although they agree to monitor the Senate, they seem relatively undisturbed by Dooku's warning. 

If the Jedi were told that a Sith was running the Senate, wouldn't they do a little more to investigate it? Count Dooku gives quite a lot of information about his Master, including his name, which would suggest that he's telling the truth. Even if he's lying, what's the harm in investigating his claims? Count Dooku gives the Jedi all the information they need to spot Darth Sidious and take him down, and the Jedi ignore him. They assist in their own downfall by failing to do their part and investigate the reappearance of the Sith. 

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The Jedi Council Sends Anakin to Naboo Alone With Padmé, Even Though He Makes It Clear He Has Feelings For Her
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Jedi aren't supposed to form emotional attachments with other people. It's a strict part of the Jedi Code, designed to ensure that Jedi's decisions aren't clouded by their care for others. In Attack of the Clones, however, Anakin Skywalker makes it clear that he has some sort of feelings towards Senator Padmé Amidala. He openly tells Obi-Wan that he thought about Padmé every day since he last saw her, and consistently oversteps his place in the interest of protecting her. 

Still, despite his clear feelings for the senator, the Jedi Council makes it Anakin's first solo mission to escort her back to Naboo and protect her on her home planet. They're basically dangling the woman he loves in front of him, but are still reminding him that he's not allowed to act on his feelings. Secluded on a planet with Padmé and away from the influence of Obi-Wan, what did they expect to happen? Was there truly no one else who could have guarded the senator? Considering that Anakin's feelings for Padmé ultimately lead to his downfall, this seems like an all-around poor decision by the Jedi Council and Obi-Wan.

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Luke Goes To Fight Darth Vader After Extremely Limited Jedi Training
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On Obi-Wan Kenobi's direction, Luke Skywalker flies to the swampy planet of Dagobah to receive Jedi training from Jedi Master Yoda. Despite insisting that Luke is too old to learn and doesn't have the patience a Jedi requires, Master Yoda agrees to train him. In his short time with Yoda, Luke does learn a lot. He's given lessons about the metaphysical nature of the Force, as well as the need to control one's impulses in order to use it correctly. However, he proves all of Yoda's fears correct when he cuts his training short to save Han Solo and Princess Leia. He has a vision of them in agony and insists that he must save them, ignoring all of Yoda’s warnings in the process. 

Luke doesn't seem to understand how difficult it is to learn the ways of the Force. He stubbornly insists that he can take on the second most powerful Sith Lord in existence with, what, two weeks of Jedi training? You can do a few flips and levitate a few objects, Luke. That doesn't mean you're ready to take on Darth Vader. Although Luke doesn't turn to the dark side, he does lose his hand because of this rash decision.

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The Rebel Fleet Emerges To Battle The Death Star Over Endor Without Confirming The Shields Are Down
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 In Return of the Jedi, the Rebels put together an elaborate plan to take down the new and improved version of the Death Star, which is still under construction. Part of the plan involves Han and his team landing on Endor and deactivating a generator that holds a protective shield in place over the Death Star. Once the shields are down, the Rebel Fleet will emerge and use the Millennium Falcon to fly into the center of the space station and take it out. However, as Han carries out his part of the mission, the emperor reveals that he is walking into a trap. The Imperial soldiers fed the Rebels bad information in order to draw their fleet out of hiding and eliminate them altogether. The Rebels on Endor are captured by Imperial troops before they're able to get the shields down, and the Rebel fleet emerges from hyperspace over Endor, only to discover that the shields are still up. 

This a futuristic world filled with space ships, floating space stations, and a multitude of livable planets. Yet they want us to believe that they don't have the communication systems in place to confirm that the shields are down before they arrive. The Rebels should have waited for some sort of signal from Han that they were safe to emerge over Endor before risking their entire fleet in one battle. If they didn't have full confirmation that the shields were down, they should have delayed their plans. Waiting for a simple radio message of, "Hey, we did it!" would have prevented the Rebels from risking everything on the simple hope that the Rebels on Endor would complete their side of the plan.

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